Key questions to ask when interviewing a property manager

For those looking to hire a high performing property manager, conversations are better held in person. That way, the interviewer can piece together an accurate picture and opinion of the property manager, which can be hard to do over the phone or through emails. Where geography is a challenge, video conferencing is a great alternative.

Before attending the interview, compile a list of questions that will help determine if a property manager is going to work hard for your investment.

Here are some of the questions one should ask when interviewing a property manager.

Property leasing

  • What are your average days on the market?
  • How many properties does the agency lease each month?
  • How often will the agency show my property?
  • In what ways does the agency market available properties for lease?
  • Where do you find most of your prospective tenants from?

Property management

  • How frequently will you inspect my property?
  • What steps do you take to ensure that all individuals working on my property are properly licensed and insured?
  • How will I know that all maintenance work on my property is competitively priced?
  • What is the experience level of the staff members who will be involved with my property?
  • How many people am I likely to deal with from your office?

Customer experience

  • Can I see a couple of references from your past clients?
  • Do you provide a performance promise?
  • Who will look after my property if my property manager goes on holiday?
  • How frequently will the property manager communicate with me?
  • What form does communication take in your office?

Hiring a property manager

The importance of a high performing property manager is paramount to getting the most out of the investment process. That is why potential investors need to be aware of property managers’ best qualities and the important questions to ask when considering hiring one.

Who to hire

Why should you be left to deal with a property manager that isn’t servicing your rental returns? Your investment property should be in the hands of a property manager who will work hard for you and the property.

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